Sometimes people are wonderfully sweet and kind and draw me some fanart.
If you have any you want me to put up just email it HERE- ta!

A very sweet little Pepsi, by Bloody Pepper (I'm thinking she has a crush on him! ). It reminds me of a sixties girls annual...only better, because it's a toy division fan art!

This one looks like the cover of a Japanese Toy Division doujinshi, in which lots of scandalous shota things happen! It's so beautiful and detailed and I love it.

You can see more of Bloody Pepper's intricate dark victorian art here (if you like "gothic lolita" fashion then you will Loooove her work!)

Agnes draws beautiful boys with beautiful lips (often in peril!) . She drew me a super-devious looking Pepsi- the sadistic look on his face is so perfect I could scream!

Here is her gallery: warning: it's full of nudity and sex and voilence and other good stuff!

Doodle kun did this lovely pastel picture of our favorite sapphic, Muffin!


Out of the blue Mr. Caravaggio created this saucy fan-strip for moi. Thank you so much!

You can check out more of his comics here.



A calender to clip'n' keep.

Dress up doll in flash!....It's just like a Super Dolfie only cheaper and uglier.


(The background of this page is based on a pattern from thank you!)